What is Code On Time and Why You Need It?

What is Code On Time and Why You Need It?

Code On Time web application generator creates modern web apps straight from your database with lightning speed. In a matter of minutes, your data can be available on the web with sophisticated search, manipulation, and reporting capabilities that would otherwise take many months to build. Learn about Code On Time

Your web applications can be deployed to a dedicated or shared server. You can choose to deploy your app to Windows Azure Cloud or package the app for deployment to popular web content management systems SharePoint or DotNetNuke.

The value of organized data is proven every day by companies such as Google and Facebook. These giants of software industry have managed to turn mundane information into goldmines.

Many businesses own vast datasets of valuable information trapped in spreadsheets or on-premise databases. Exposing this data to potential consumers means web application development, which always comes with tremendous costs. Application deployment also involves hard-to-predict expenses.

Code On Time makes it possible to build an app on top of SQL Azure database and have it deployed to Microsoft’s state-of-the-art computing cloud Windows Azure. In about fifteen minutes, you can have all your data displayed in an advanced web application running in a multi-server configuration protected by firewall, enhanced with load balancing, and on-demand performance. Scale your application up and down, turn it on and off. None of it requires maintenance personnel or special knowledge. The pay-as-you-go model allows precise cost control.

If you are a resident expert in configuring network servers and databases, or have such an expert on board, then Code On Time will accelerate web application development for your team.

All generated web applications include an advanced application framework with complete source code. The framework makes it possible to have light-weight web applications with high-end user interface with a little or no effort. The framework also allows elegant extension of customized apps with business rules that can take full advantage of vast Microsoft.NET API and custom components.

Code On Time is perfect for database administrators who need to control data under their management. Instant production of web applications on top of your databases without modifying the database structure makes our product a perfect companion for daily data management tasks.

Code On Time works great for project managers and application architects as a way to visualize the project database without writing a single line of code. You can use the generated apps as makeshift data management tools that will help populate your data, making it easy to spot any inconsistencies or undue complexity. The apps will even run on your laptop with a local database and do not require actual deployment to a server. The high quality user interface of generated web applications can complement custom projects and allow your team to concentrate on essential custom code.

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